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Sibila 2000 LTD

SIBILA 2000 Ltd is a very fast developing company with 4 separate divisions which are separately accountable for the achieving of results in their sector of responsibility:

– division, reassuring the trading in the territory of the country with consumer goods – milk products of one of the biggest milk processing diaries in Bulgaria - BCC Handel, in the town of Elena,” Sirma prista” - Russe and „Kamen“ - Veliko Tarnovo and Omurtag;

- division, taking care of the market activity in Sofia with meat products of BELLA Bulgaria PLC, KEN, Tandem, Maleventum and others;

- division, taking care of the new build logistic centre in Sofia, consisting of 12 cooling chambers -1320m², cooling premises and company transport consisting of 5 trucks from 5 to 15 tons, light trucks and vans – 30 pcs up to 2.5 tons;

- division for consulting services, started in 2007 and reached a turnover of 500.000€ in 2008. The company has a numerous contracts for a lot of different types of businesses in Europe, Russia and Turkey with companies as Honeywell, LSC and others.

The company is supplying the biggest retailers in Bulgaria, such as BILLA, METRO, Kaufland, Carrefour, Picadilly, Fantastiko and also smaller ones - Penny, Pro market, Nikon. The company works also thru distributors in CВА,Т-Маркет and others.

In order to answer the demanding of the competitive market, in the management of these divisions, we count on the high qualification of our managers and collaborators, using modern methods of management.

SIBILA 2000 is registered in August 1998 and took over 80% of the business activities of ЕТ "Uno-Tsvetan Vasilev", registered in 1993.

Further development:

- Significant increase of the activities in 2009 due to the new build logistic centre for 3.560.000lv in Sofia;
- The second stage is to build in 2010-2011 new storage premises and auxiliary equipment on 5000m²;
- Increasing of EBIT;
- approx. 11 Mio . turnover in 2008 and increasing of EBIT with 27,45%;
- Expected increasing of sales in 2009 with 8% in compare with 2008.